What is a Registered
Nutritional consultant?

A Registered Nutritional Consultant (RNCP) is an idividual trained in nutrition and complementary therapies who takes a holistic approach to rebalancing and maintaining health.

We educate and coach individuals and groups about the benefits of sound nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to encourage the body to achieve optimal health.

We hope to assist in identifying underlying root causes and in correcting nutritional imbalances in a wide range of health disorders.

In the last three decades, the important role of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of disease has gained much credibility with both the general public and the medical community.

Perhaps because of the enormous volume of Nutrition related information, consumers remain confused by all of the conflicting recommendations being promoted by advertisers, self-help books and magazines, various media, well-meaning friends & family, and healthcare providers alike.

Many health authorities believe that half of all illnesses could be eliminated or greatly delayed through changes in diet.

A visit to a Nutritional consultant can be a first positive step. We are of particular benefit during pregnancy, to assist weight loss or weight gain, to manage restrictive food choices due to illness or allergies, and for people pushing their bodies to their limits through competitive sports or demanding work schedules.

Most of our clients consult us to complement their existing front-line allopathic health care. In other words, most clients use our services right along with and in addition to regular visits to a physician. Occasionally, we are consulted to offer alternative treatment.

These are individuals for whom all else seems to have failed or who believe themselves to be intolerant to conventional pharmaceutical treatments. Increasingly, we see clients who just want to go the extra distance by covering all available bases in their bid for wellness or recovery.

Some are disgruntled or simply “burnt-out” from conventional therapies.

We favour a Holistic approach to diet, the emphasis being placed on vitamin and enzyme-rich whole foods, as well as a preferred avoidance of food additives and preservatives.

It is my personal belief that food quality is relative to life quality.

RNCP’s have received significant post-secondary training in the following subjects: Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Allergies, Biology, Fundamentals of Nutrition, Preventative Nutrition, Environmental pollution, Nutritional Pathology, Alternative Comparative Diets, Digestion and Elimination, Cleansing and Detoxification, Nutritional Symptomology, Life Cycle (pediatrics & geriatrics), Clinical Nutrition, Sports Nutrition.

It is unfortunate that by law, anyone can call themselves a nutritional counselor. It is because of this that only those who have thoroughly studied nutrition and met the requirements of the I.O.N.C. are granted the RNCP designation.

The I.O.N.C. (International Organization of Nutritional Consultants) was established in 1983 as the NCOC (Nutritional Consultants Organization of Canada). It is a non-profit independent body with no ties to any particular educational facility or products. It is the only organization of its kind in this field.

The I.O.N.C.’s mandate:

1. To ensure the public that Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioners have met strict educational, moral, and ethical standards.

2. To promote and create public awareness of the profession of nutritional counseling.

3. To provide information to members about conducting a nutritional consulting business practice.

Many RNCP’s such as myself, complement their practice with various other therapies such as Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy and Dietary Supplements in which I have received extensive training.

A 25 hour yearly upgrading requirement must be met in order to maintain the designation of RNCP.

Several insurance providers recognize our services and reimburse their policy holders for the whole or part of our fees.

In my opinion, too little emphasis in Health Care is placed on the cost-effectiveness of Nutritional Therapy and on the whole area of Prevention in general. Although our health-care dollars are being stretched to breaking point, so few of them are ear-marked, where they can really make a difference, for education in preventing disease and maintaining optimal health. On an individual basis, we have the ability to access resources that can place us into the driver’s seat in managing our own health care.






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